Wooden Pet Caskets Plan



A labor of love - for those of us with the skills to build things out of wood, making a final resting place for a loved one can provide important resolution and closure. The products and plans we've collected and designed for this special page will enable woodworkers to complete a casket in a short period of time without taking months of difficult research.It's easy to build these caskets using the detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions. To meet your needs, the plan comes with four casket sizes: large, medium, small and extra small. For cemetery burial, please contact your local pet cemetery for their standards and requirements.The plans include instructions on how to make four sizes of caskets.Small - suitable for small birds and hamsters - 4-1/2"" High x 7-1/2"" Wide x 4-3/4"" DeepMedium - for small cats and dogs - 13"" High x 19"" Wide x 10-1/4"" DeepLarge - for bigger cats and medium sized dogs - 14-5/8"" High x 28-1/4"" Wide x 20-1/4"" Deep Extra Large - for big dogs like retrievers and labs - 19"" High x 36"" Wide x 24"" DeepThe Small casket does not require any additional hardware.The Medium casket requires:1 pair #33575 Separable Hinges 2 each #33562 Left Hand or #33588 Right Hand Lid Catch 1 each #33601 Lid Support 1 pack of #29173 #8 x 1-1/2"" screwsThe Large and Extra Large Caskets require:1 pair #33575 Separable Hinges 2 each #33562 Left Hand or #33588 Right Hand Lid Catch 2 each #33601 Lid Support 1 pack of #29306 #8 x 2"" screws

Wooden Pet Caskets Plan Review

Excelent Rockler, quick delivery, fine support, awesome scale of additional. I adore this shop.