Toko Nordic Klister Wax - 55g



Toko demystifies klister wax with its user-friendly system, allowing classic skiers to kick and glide in icy and wet conditions. Yellow, red, and blue signify the temperature range and snow conditions each wax is designed for. Toko Yellow klister is made for wet to moist snow, right around the freezing point. Red is a universal klister wax with a wide mid-range temperature zone and is ideal for frozen to damp snow condition. Blue is formulated for icy snow in cold temps, while Green klister is intended for use in abrasive snow as a binder for other klister waxes. Round out your kick wax box with the simple and reliable performance of Toko Nordic Klister Waxes. Yellow: Wet to moist snow (-2AdegC to 0AdegC) Red: Mid-range snow (-8AdegC to -1AdegC) Blue: Icy snow conditions (-30AdegC to -7AdegC) Green: Binder wax for abrasive conditions (-30AdegC to 0AdegC) .

Toko Nordic Klister Wax - 55g Review

Best quality at best price of 14.00, you will not need any other ski wax. Count on it!