Tan Come In Welcome Door Mat



- Rubber-Cal's Come In Welcome Door Mat is the natural, sustainable answer to your home entryway needs. Make your guests feel welcome by greeting them with a simple, classic welcome door mat made from eco-friendly materials. This coir door mat is constructed using a simple and organic design and eco-friendly materials, and it is extremely easy to maintain while it keeping your home cleaner! The design of these stenciled entrance mats is subtle and inviting. Set in a natural brown backdrop, the simple words Come in are printed in easy-to-read text, making your guests feel welcome. This coir door mat fits perfectly at any residential front door due to its simple design and convenient 18 x 30 inch size with a 5/8-inch thickness. This eco-friendly door mat doesn't just look natural, these entrance mats are also mostly made by hand from environmentally friendly materials! Using an eco-conscious process, coconut husks are gathered and their fibrous material extracted and woven together to shape the mat. In addition to having a low impact on the environment, this coir door mat also ensures that the dirt and grime of the outdoors has a minimal impact on your home. This welcome door mat collects dust and dirt particles that can easily be shaken off when cleaning becomes necessary. For grime that may be more persistent, a brush or vacuum is the simplest way to keep this door mat looking like new! The Come In Welcome Door Mat is constructed with simplicity and environmental health in mind. Its durable material allows for the wiping of shoes in order to keep your home a little cleaner. This coir fiber matting is made of natural materials extracted from coconut husks for an eco-friendly product. By letting guests know they are welcome, this coir door mat will fit perfectly at the foot of your front door! - Environmentally friendly coir fiber matting extracted from the husks of coconuts through an eco-conscious construction process - Naturally brown-colored background behind a

Tan Come In Welcome Door Mat Review

Mother ordered two doormats from this retailer. They were very good deals and were very quickly delivered to us even with standard shipping. We are very happy with this transaction.