Sport Tube TSA Lock



Sport Tube TSA Lock: This Travel Sentry Approved lock allows your luggage to be unlocked, inspected and protected safely. a 25% thicker cable than comparable locks a TSA can unlock with their unique key a 3-Digit combination allow you to set your unique number Flying with your Sportube or Shipping via FedEx or UPS? Travel Sentry Approved locks from Sportube are accepted and recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) . Luggage is safely unlocked, inspected and re-locked without damage to the case or the lock. If shipping your Sportube, the TSA Lock is perfect to make sure your gear gets to your destination exactly as you packed it. With no TSA to inspect it, the combination lock will keep anyone that comes across your shipment from being able to see what you have inside. 25% Thicker Cable ** This is the ONLY recommended TSA Lock for all Sportube cases. Our cable is 25% thicker than comparable TSA Locks. Other TSA Locks are NOT guaranteed to work due to thinner cable. ** If you use a comparable TSA Lock that has a thinner cable, the lock may not function properly. Due to the way the Sportube is designed and the way the inner and outer part of the Sportube slides into each other, a thinner cable can easily become jammed or lodged into the locking rib. This could cause your Sportube to be stuck or very difficult to open. Or this could result in your thinner cabled lock being damaged and unusable.

Sport Tube TSA Lock Review

I'm surprised of colors Sport Tube TSA Lock. Looks different than on image!