Hatch Outdoors Finatic 11 Plus Reels



When you finally book that dream trip to Costa Rica, make sure you bring a reel that can handle what you're planning to throw at it. According to Hatch, the Finatic 11+ Reel is built for tarpon, and if you've ever seen a budget reel explode on impact when one hits, you know that's a bold statement. Thankfully, this reel has the beef to back up the bluster, and then some. It may look delicate, but the beauty of the Finatic 11+ is actually its strength: dimensional ventilation in the spool and frame lowers weight, but also adds rigidity that regular circular porting can weaken in a fly reel. The one-piece machined reel seat and frame looks trick, but also removes a critical corrosion point that can cause other reels to fail. The colored, anodized drag cassette hides a multi-disc synthetic Rulon-and-steel stack system that increases surface area over standard cork drags while remaining sealed against the elements. And the perfectly balanced spool prevents dangerous vibration during high-speed runs. All of this combined creates a big-game fly reel that won't quit under pressure from 100-plus-pound fighters in a notoriously corrosive environment. And when you're thousands of miles (not to mention dollars) from home, that's all that matters. Frame and spool machined from solid aluminum Monoblock foot/frame resists corrosion and increases strength Dimensional ventilation design retains rigidity while reducing weight Type II anodized finish resists saltwater and reduces flash Sealed multi-disc synthetic drag cassette Made in USA .

Hatch Outdoors Finatic 11 Plus Reels Review

Even for 825.00 is Hatch Outdoors Finatic 11 Plus Reels kinda weak. I should definitely choose something different.