Black Fine Rib Corrugated 3 Ft x 6 Ft Rubber Floor Mat



- Rubber-Cal's Corrugated Rubber Fine Rib Rubber Matting is 1/8-Inch thick industrial matting that is available in a 36-inch width and an assortment of lengths. This mat provides excellent traction and serves as a protective floor covering by safeguarding its subsurface. Carpet, wood, laminate, or tile flooring are well protected from foot-traffic, wet, or otherwise soiled conditions! These non-skid mats are designed with Fine Rib's to scrape debris and moisture away to provide a safer path to walk on. The ribbed matting is also very resilient, allowing it to stand up to heavy foot traffic while still maintaining its dirt and moisture trapping qualities. This protective floor covering is a great application for walkways in commercial and industrial settings where overwhelming moist conditions may be present. It can also be used as mats for garage, flooring for basement, or in workshops. As industrial matting, the fabric-based finish adds subsurface traction allowing it to remain secured to the floor while enduring foot traffic. Installation of the runner mats can be either permanent or temporary by using a double-sided carpet tape. They work especially well in transient locations as no slip mats since they are lightweight and therefore easily storable for frequent use. The mobility of this ribbed matting does not compromise its capability, and since these runner mats are made from synthetic rubber, they are completely water resistant floors. The material also offers moderate chemical resistance and can be cleaned with most common household cleaners, though are not recommended that highly caustic cleaning solutions such as bleach. Since the corrugations run lengthwise along these non-skid mats, foot traffic is inherently directed while maintaining a level of safety that can't easily be matched by other runner products. Safeguard slippery floors and buy this durable and affordable rubber matting today! - 1/8-inch by 36-inch wide runner mats are sold in various length

Black Fine Rib Corrugated 3 Ft x 6 Ft Rubber Floor Mat Review

As i was expecting, Black Fine Rib Corrugated 3 Ft x 6 Ft Rubber Floor Mat is amazing! Rubber-Cal has made good job, as always. Price 33.36 is reasonable.