Besa Lighting BEL-3BB-5674CE-BR - Pendant



Besa PendantCamino CollectionCamino is a tall, slender cylinder with just a hint of taper, creating a refined contemporary lookCeylon decor is a beautiful, varicolored glass with a look similar to natural granite, with a glossy polished surfaceBlues and reds dominate when unlit, but turn the light on and grays, yellow and the reds take overBulb Type: 50W E12 IncandescentCanopy Width: 8Product Height: 10:

Besa Lighting BEL-3BB-5674CE-BR - Pendant Review

So far, I love my Besa Lighting BEL-3BB-5674CE-BR - Pendant. I use it every day for my work and also at home. I could not chose worse pendant lights.