Adrenaline Vendetta Fade Socks



Technical socks can still be comfortable; versatile and classically simple. The vendetta is our technical sock that is designed for top-end players. With an understated crew top and a highly technical foot the vendetta; like many top players; is unassuming on the surface and a killer underneath. Vendettas enhanced technology features never sacrifice comfort but foster top level athletic performance. The crew upper of the vendetta is constructed of our vendetta lite technical fabric offering light weight and increased support. Unlike other rough performance fabrics adrenaline has the incredibly soft adrenaline feel. An adrenamesh top and toe ventilation port keeps the feet dry during the most rigorous athletic competition. Adrenaband 2.0 arch technology adds top level anti slide support while aiding in injury prevention. The adrenagill forefoot arch technology prevents bunching; allowing for greater foot flex and providing additional ventilation. Quality construction with extra foot base padding and reinforced heel and toe.

Adrenaline Vendetta Fade Socks Review

I truly enjoy my Adrenaline Vendetta Fade Socks. I again chose product from Adrenaline and it's cool. This clothing & accessories does not have a rival.