7mm x 1/2"" Barrel Trimmer



Clear excess adhesive from your 7mm pen tubes and square up the ends of your blank in one easy step! The Barrel Trimmer clears glue residue from the barrel and also provides a flat, square mating surface and a tight fit for your hardware. Hex-head screws provide a no-slip interface. The Barrel Trimmer has a threaded shank, meaning you have the option of turning your own handle for a hand mill, or you can chuck it in your drill.Barrel Trimmer head measures 7/8"" long and include hex wrench for adjustment and replacement.Barrel Trimmer head has double hex-head screws for a secure connection to the pilot shaft.Barrel Cleaner measures 3-3/4"" long overall.Shank portion of each pilot shaft is 1-3/4"" long x 3/16"" in diameter.Replacement 1/2"" trimmer head (30900) , 7mm barrel cleaner bit (37840) and 3/4"" trimmer head (35860) are also available separately.

7mm x 1/2"" Barrel Trimmer Review

I simply bought this privileged 7mm x 1/2"" Barrel Trimmer and Iam blessed with my buy.