1987-1990 Jeep Cherokee Spark Plug Wire Taylor Cable Jeep Spark Plug Wire 84048



TAYLOR CABLE 8.2MM THUNDERVOLT SPARK PLUG WIRESAre the ignition wires on your vehicle frayed and worn out? Get rid of those bad ignition wires and update to a set of Taylor Cable 8.2MM Thundervolt 50 Spark Plug Wires for a worry-free and long-lasting upgrade. These high performance ignition wires from Taylor Cable are excellent for vehicles driven on both street and track with their ability to maximize electrical conductivity to deliver a powerful spark inside the combustion chambers while efficiently suppressing both EMI and RFI. Since 1923 Taylor Cable has built upon its legendary reputation for excellent innovation and product quality by manufacturing their products in the good old USA. In fact, John Taylor, the founder, is the actual inventor of modern battery cables still in use around the world today. Taylor Cables skilled workforce and top-level engineers never stop testing and developing new processes, materials and products all for your peace-of-mind.Vibration proof spark plug terminals feature double spring locking for securityManufactured in U.S.A.Great for replacing old, worn out and frayed factory ignition wiresPerfect for high heat operating temperatures, (rated for up to 600 degrees) More fuel efficiency and better idle stabilityExpect torque and horsepower gains from electrical efficiencyOutperforms all other spark plug wire brands, (dyno tested) Resistant to oilHighly recommended for engines with electronic ignition and multiple spark dischargeLong-lasting 10.4MM diameter ignition wiresChoose from direct fit versions or from a variety of spark plug boot angles for a great fitVery high EMI and RFI suppression, for a powerful flow of electricity2-layer 100% silicone inner core and exterior jacket maintains wire flexibilityDesigned with exclusive Proboots, (low-profile style) spark plug terminalsPerfect for vehicles participating in motorsportsChoose from a variety of colors

1987-1990 Jeep Cherokee Spark Plug Wire Taylor Cable Jeep Spark Plug Wire 84048 Review

My girl says: Buy this wires! Now I see it was right choice!